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Remembrance and Celebration
It's with a heavy heart and a head lost in a cloud of memories that I'm updating Jimi's site to reflect his recent passing. He died on November 8th in New York City. His friendship and vast musical contributions will continue to be felt for eons to come.

* Click here for a recent piece posted in the EV Grieve on his passing

* Click here for a facebook memorial site dedicated to Jimi

There will be a special remembrance and celebration held in New York City...

Monday, December 3rd, 6pm-Midnight
Drom, 85 Avenue A, NYC

The money raised from donations at this event will be donated to a Songwriting organization for Youth and other causes close to Jimi's heart.

Click here to see Jimi's last video and release:
Jimi Zhivago - Childhood's End